Instructional Technology Tools for Teachers



21st century tools for data collection, research, collaboration, sharing and publishing.  

iCollaboratory Student Projects

Free Clipart for Educators

Family Friendly Images

Weebly for Education

Let students build websites and blogs to demonstrate understanding

Educational animated videos with quiz and activities.


Educational animated videos with quiz and activities for K-3. 

Creating Rubrics
For all types of assessments. Includes graphic organizers and several types of rubrics.

Safari Montage
Contains over 2,200 educational videos and 22,000 clips listed by subject area and grade level. Many include Blackline Masters and Teacherís Guides.

Extensive database of content-rich, age-appropriate online resources organized around specific themes.

Evaluating Web Sites
Critical Evaluation forms for students organized by grade levels. Includes informational articles.

Information Patterns

Includes patterns to display information visually in a number of ways as well as examples for classroom use.

Process Guides
Help teach students processes that allow them to be more efficient. Includes using Primary Source Documents and Brainstorming.

Production Scaffolds
Assist learners to produce something observable that conveys what they've learned.


Voki for Education
An interactive avatar creator site that can be adapted for education.

Voki Lesson Plans

Grade level & subject matter database



Make photos talk!

Technology Enhanced Activities
Technology-enhanced activities and lesson ideas to use in all types of classrooms. 


Educational videos, activities, and games for every subject

Technology Standards for Students
National Education Technology Standards

Helps organize and annotate web sites for student use in lessons.


Note taking and bibliography creator for students. Teacher assigns projects first.

Inquiry-oriented activities where students synthesize information from a variety of resources to complete a task.

Using WebQuests

Read, Write, Think

Classroom resources for literacy and language arts


Crossword& Word Puzzle Creator


Create online self-grading quizzes and tests

Step-by-step video lessons that make math easy to understand

The Science Spot

A plethora of resources for each branch of science

Create Educational PowerPoint Games

Great for teaching, reviewing, or student artifact creation